A Walk by the Seaside

Do you like the sea? As for me, I like sea and mountains. I live by the Black sea, so it’s quite normal for me – to have a walk by the sea, though it’s winter in the calendar.

I think that modern life, especially in a big city, is too fast. People don’t have time to stop and reflect. We do what we have to and forget that it’s a lot better to do what we want.

… But I was going to write about the Black sea. Yeah, well, this autumn I’ve been trying to take walks by the seashore every week with my husband and my daughter. Today, we took our car, and drove there, and spent an hour watching the waves and seagulls. Do you know what time is the best for visiting the sea? People think that it’s the best during summer. Sure, it’s great to lay in the sun, and to swim in warm water. For the natives, however, this period is the worst. The beaches are too crowded, the water and the sand are too dirty, the temperature is more than 30 degrees Celsius.

Now, at the beginning of winter, the beach is almost empty and you can really feel the sea. You can hear its ‘voice’, the whispering of waves, and the shout of seagulls. You can feel the fragile touch of the winter sun, see its short smile through the clouds. The water is crystal clear. The air is fresh. Each small sound is heard clearly, and here you are, standing in the middle of it. You need to close your eyes just for a moment. And if you do this, you’ll feel the truth inside of you. And the truth is that you are not alone and everything is going to be all right.

I hope you have the opportunity of visiting the sea in late autumn. You won’t forget it, that’a for sure.

Luck to you all!

Black Sea

Black Sea

Елена Вогнистая

Меня зовут Елена Викторовна Вогнистая, и я преподаю английский более 10 лет. Я работала с учениками разных возрастов, индивидуально и в группе. Я рада поделиться знаниями и опытом с вами. Смотрите сотни бесплатных уроков на моем видео канале www.youtube.com/user/elenavogni

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  1. Елена,я прочувствовала статью изнутри,так как живу в Ялте…….кстати,очень познавательный сайт..спасибо!!!!

    • И вам спасибо!


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