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Hello, my friends. I’ve decided to make a new section, called it ‘LifeJournal’. It’s nothing serious, just descriptions of different events which took place in my life and impressed me in some way. Why should you read it? Reason 1: it’s gonna be written totally in English (it’s an extra practice for you). Reason 2: you get the opportunity to learn something new about me (of course if you are interested in my personality and my lifestyle). Ok, ready? Let’s get started.

Tonight I had a great time. One of these few moments when I can spend my time being not only a mother. I’ve left Veronica (my daughter) with her grandmother, and together with my husband we drove to the cafe where we had a meeting with friends. What’s so interesting about that? It wasn’t supposed to be just sitting, eating, talking. The cafe which we have chosen organizes “Games-evenings” every Thursday. It means, you can come with the company, take a board game you like, order pizza, sushi or something, and play as long as you want. If you don’t know the rules, there are animators who can help you to learn the rules. The idea of ‘Games-evenings” is great, I think. And not only I think so – the cafe was crowded. I believe, people are tired of all these technologies, computer-games, smartphones. They want real communication, a good-old board game which you can touch, where you can show yourself in front of people, their eyes, etc.

As I expected, the evening was fine. A lot of laughter, funny situations, jokes. We took the game in which you have to draw an image of some word, and members of your team have to guess, what exactly you are drawing. Simple but very funny. And if you can’t draw well it’s even funnier.  Well, it felt like in my childhood. No problems, no hurry – just games. The only bad thing about all that was the time which was running too fast.

My conclusion – fun mustn’t be complicated. The simplier – the better. My suggestion – take your favourite board-game, invite friends and spend one of your funniest evenings this month. Good luck!



Елена Вогнистая

Меня зовут Елена Викторовна Вогнистая, и я преподаю английский более 10 лет. Я работала с учениками разных возрастов, индивидуально и в группе. Я рада поделиться знаниями и опытом с вами. Смотрите сотни бесплатных уроков на моем видео канале

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  1. Cool article and idea about new topic in the site! I am glad you liked the evening! Hope we’ll get together next Thursday again!


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