My X-Factor Concert!

X-Factor in Ukraine

X-Factor in Ukraine

Hello, my friends! Tonight I had an interesting event. It’s the concert of this year finalists of X-Factor show in Ukraine. I was waiting for this concert for two long weeks since we had taken the tickets.

The concert was great, even better than I expected. The hall was crouded, all the tickets were sold out. What can I say – TV will never replace life! I’m a fan of X-Factor, I watched every show and got great emotions. But comparing with life TV show is just an image, a picture. Only when I saw all the singers on stage, in front of me and other viewers, I realised that these people are really talented, they really sing great, they each have their unique  energy, presentation. And I was surprised that those who weren’t the best for me on TV, were the best in life.

The show was very long – more than 2 hours. But time was running very fast. We applauded every song, so I was physically tired, but not emotionally. The public was great – they were hospitable, brought lots of flowers to the artists. And the artists were doing their best. I’m shocked that just for a half a year it’s possible to change someone talented but simple into a real professional star!

If you live in Ukraine too and watched the show, it will be interesting for you to know the names of the performers. The host was Irina Borisyuk, last year finalist. She also performed a couple of songs. The others were – the winner Victor Romanchenko (super voice), Roman Veremeychik (so modest and cute), Oleh Kenzov (he surprised me), Arkady and Malika (my favourites!), Vlad Kurasov (also surprised me), Anna Okhtitska and Svetlana Vinik (girls were good but, sorry, not the best for me). In the whole, they looked like a great team. Some were more charismatic and expressive, others were more calm and lyrical. But together – so great, so united.

Wonderful concert, fantastic emotions! No TV, only life!



Елена Вогнистая

Меня зовут Елена Викторовна Вогнистая, и я преподаю английский более 10 лет. Я работала с учениками разных возрастов, индивидуально и в группе. Я рада поделиться знаниями и опытом с вами. Смотрите сотни бесплатных уроков на моем видео канале

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  1. Поздравляю с получением ТИЦ. Удачи вам!

    • Спасибо!


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