ТОП-10 английских неправильных глаголов с примерами

10 неправильных английских глаголов

Составим пример с каждой из трех форм неправильных глаголов.

Послушать звучание каждого примера вы можете в видео уроке на нашем канале Ok English на YouTube:


buy – bought – bought

1 I buy vegetables every day. – Present Simple

2 Yesterday I bought vegetables. – Past Simple

3 I want to show you something. I’ve bought a new car! – Present Perfect



cost – cost – cost

1 This GUCCI skirt costs 100 $.

2 Bread cost 1 $ yesterday.

3 The tour to Italy have cost about 300 $ recently.



do – did – done

1 Do you do your homework every day?

Did you do your homework last week? – Past Simple

2 I did my homework yesterday.

3 I have already done my homework.



drink – drank – drunk

1 I can drink beer every day.

2 We drank tea with Mary last week.

3 Coffee is drunk.



eat – ate – eaten

1 Lucy eats sushi every week. She likes sushi very much.

2 Lucy ate sushi 2 days ago.

3 Lucy is in the cafe. She hasn’t eaten her sushi yet.



make – made – made

1 I’m hungry. I think I will make a sandwich. –

Future Simple

2 I made a cake for my birthday party yesterday.

3 It is made in China.



get – got – got

1 Get up! It’s 10 o’clock. –

Повелительное наклонение (Imperative)

2 I got your letter yesterday.

3 I’ve got your phone number.



go – went – gone

1 I can’t go on.

2 We went to Kristy’s party 3 days ago.

3 – Where is Mike?

– He’s gone to New York.



take – took – taken

1 Take an umbrella. It looks like rain.

2 The robbers took the money and disappeared.

3 The robbers had taken the money and disappeared before the police arrived.

Past Perfect



give – gave – given

1 Don’t give up! You will learn English, I’m sure!

2 He gave me an interesting book to read last month.

3 Mike hasn’t given up so now he knows English pretty well.


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