An Unusual Dream — Необычный сон



Здравствуйте, друзья. Предлагаем вам маленькую, но интересную историю, над которой стоит поразмыслить. Что вы думаете об этом?



Once upon a time a woman saw an unusual dream. She comes to the store where she likes to shop. At the counter she sees an angel.
— Are you really an angel? — she cries.
— Yes, that’s me, — answers the angel.
— Then what can I buy in your shop? — asks the woman.
— You can buy everything. — she hears the answer.
— Then give me Health, Happiness, Love, Success and much Money, please.
The angel gives her a kind smile and and goes to the storeroom in order to bring the articles.
Soon he comes back with a small box.
— Is that all?! — the woman is surprised and disappointed.
— Yes, that’s all, — answers the angel. — Have you forgotten, that in my store you can buy only seeds?

So, my friends, plant only seeds of Health, Happiness, Love, Success and Gratitude in your mind. Eventually they will give you wonderful yield. And you will enjoy your harvest.


Елена Вогнистая

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