Английский тексты для начинающих

простые-английские-тексты-для-начинающихЗдравствуйте, друзья. Если вы только начинаете учить английский, то один из способов сформировать базу английского — это учить тексты и диалоги. В начале вам нужно брать максимально простые английские тексты для начинающих.


Как работать с английскими текстами:

1. Берите английский текст с аудио. Важно, чтоб диктор правильно и четко читал его в умеренном темпе.

2. Переведите текст, чтоб было все понятно. У вас будет несколько десятков незнакомых слов. В начале это нормально.

3. Прослушайте аудио вариант английского текста столько раз, сколько потребуется, чтобы запомнить его.

4. Читайте текст с опорой на аудио. Вам важно правильно читать слова и помнить их правильную звуковую форму. Важно сразу запоминать правильно. Потому что слово — это его правильное написание, звучание и прочтение.

5. Выучите текст наизусть. Постарайтесь говорить его по памяти, в том же темпе, что и диктор. Вначале будет сложно это сделать, но вы должны приучать свои органы речи говорить по английски, как англоговорящие люди.

Чем больше английских текстов вы проработаете, тем лучше. Если вы проработаете хотя бы 50-100 английских текстов, то вы уже сможете говорить на английском.

Вы можете работать с текстами прямо сейчас. Посмотрите эти видео уроки формата простой английский текст плюс аудио.

Вы можете распечатать эти тексты, но не забудьте, что переписать их от руки — это тоже хорошая тренировка.


Английский тексты для начинающих

1. Планы на отпуск/каникулы
2. Интервью
3. Письмо из Дублина
4. История Интернета
5. Миллионеры.
6. День в школе
7. Интервью на радио.
8.Подарок на день рождения.

1. Holiday plans
I’m going on holiday to Mexico next Friday, so next week’s very busy.
On Monday I’m collecting my tickets from the travel agent.
I’m going on holiday with my friends Ed and Lucy, so on Tuesday I’m meeting them after work and we are going shopping.
On Wednesday I’m seeing the doctor an 11 o’clock, then I’m having lunch with my mum.
On Thursday I’m leaving work early and I’m packing. I’m taking just a bag and a rucksack.
Then it’s Friday. Friday is the big day! At six thirty in the morning I’m going by taxi to the airport. I’m meeting Ed and Lucy there and at nine thirty we are flying to Mexico City.
I’m very excited!

2. Interview
— This is a very beautiful house.
— Thank you. I like it very much, too.
— Celine, you’re American. Why do you live here in London?
— Because I just love it here! The people are fantastic! I love them! And of course, my husband, Charles, is English, and I love him, too!
— That’s a very nice photo. Who are they?
— My sons. That’s Matt, and that’s Jack. They go to school here. My daughter’s at school in the US. Her name’s Lisa-Marie.
— Why does Lisa-Marie go to school in the US?
— Because she lives with her father. My first husband, you know, the actor Dan Brat. I hate him and all his movies. I never watch them.
— I see. And does Lisa-Marie visit you?
— Oh, yes. She visits me every vacation. She’s here with me now.
— And is this a photo of you and Charles?
— Oh, yes. It’s us in Hawaii. It’s our wedding. We’re so happy together!

3. A letter from Dublin
Dear Alan,
We’re on holiday in Dublin this week. Our hotel is very nice – old and comfortable. The people are very friendly, and the food is delicious. Irish music is good, and the beer is lovely!
Dublin is beautiful. It’s a big city with a lot of old buildings, and it isn’t expensive. The weather is horrible! It’s wet and it’s cold.
See you soon.
Love. Dona and Sergio (your Italian students).

4. The history of the Internet
It’s history
The Internet started in the 1960s. The United States Department of Defense started it because they wanted a computer network to help the American military. In the 1970s scientists worked on it.

Then in the 1980s telephone companies made in possible to communicate on the computer network in many more countries. An international computer language was born, and the Net went worldwide.
What can it do?
You can use the Internet for many things. You can buy a car or a house; you can book a holiday; you can watch a video; you can read an Australian newspaper or a Japanese magazine; you can buy books and CDs from North and South America; you can play chess with a partner in Moscow; or you can just chat to people from all over the world. The list is endless

5. Millionaires
We’re millionaires
In August 1999 three friends, Jacques Proust, Guy Fadat and Franqois Leclerc were on holiday in the town of Laraque in France. On Sunday they went shopping in the market and they saw a dirty, old painting of the Virgin Mary. They bought it for 1400 francs and they took it to Paris. In Paris an expert said that the painting was by Leonardo da Vinchi and it was worth 500 000 000 francs. The man in Laraque market said: “I was happy to sell the painting but now I’m very upset. I don’t want to think about it!”

6. A schoolday
Well, on schooldays I get up at 7:45. I have breakfast at 8 and I go to school at 8:30. I have lunch in school with my friends, that’s at 12:50 – it’s early in our school. I leave school at 3:30 in the afternoon and I walk home with my friends. I get home at 4:30. I go to bed at 11 o’clock on schooldays, but not at the weekends.

7. Radio interview
— What are you doing here in Milan, Sadie?
— I’m working. There is a big fashion show here.
— Are you staying in a hotel?
— No, I’m not. I’m staying with friends.
— Are you having a good time in Milan?
— Yes, I’m. I’m enjoying it very much.
— Now, Sadie, tell the listeners. What are you wearing now?
— I’m not wearing anything special! I’m just wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
— Thank you, Sadie. It was nice to talk to you.
— Thank you.

8. A present for a birthday
What would I like for my birthday? That’s easy. I’d like to have breakfast in bed. With the newspapers. And in the evening I’d like to go to the theatre.
Well, I’d like a new computer, because my computer is so old that the new programs don’t work on it. And then in the evening I’d like to go to a good restaurant. I don’t mind if it’s Italian, French, Chinese or Indian. Just good food.
I don’t have a mobile phone and all my friends have one, so what I’d really like is my own mobile. They aren’t expensive these days. And in the evening I’d like to go out with all my friends and have a great time!


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